About Us

We are a trade company providing big industrial, manufacture, construction and trade companies as well as individual clients with comprehensive supply of fasteners. In our offer we have a wide range of products made of stainless A2 and acid resistant A4 steel, rippable rivets, rivet nuts and professional riveting tools.

As we care about our clients we deliver products which come from reputed European manufacturers and comply with high quality requirements. Therefore, we have access to the best and cheapest products, which allows us tocoffer our clients goods of high quality atccompetitive prices.

Our assets are experience, professionalism, quick and efficient performance We assure:

  • high quality of products,
  • on time delivery,
  • favourable delivery terms and conditions,
  • client’s satisfaction,
  • good price.

At our clients’ request we deliver our goods with a certificate of conformity and required certificates. We are at your disposal. We invite you to cooperate.

Kal-Met Team
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